A carpet of yellow has blanketed much of Cobb County. With springtime comes pollen, congested sinuses and sneezing, but the season has its benefits.

The sun is shining, birds are singing and flowers are blooming — including on one unique variety of tree.

Cercis Canadensis, better known to gardeners as the redbud tree, has the interesting property of growing beautiful pink blossoms directly on its bark. One particularly splendid specimen can be seen at Marietta’s Lewis Park near Church Street.

Marietta city arborist Rich Deckman said other tree species also grow flowers on their trunks, but not typically in this climate.

“The name for this condition is Cauliflory and is identified by the flowering of the tree along its trunk,” Deckman said. “While there are many trees that exhibit this habit, they are mostly tropical. This is the only tree I have seen exhibiting this behavior in this area.”

Deckman said redbud is native to the South, with its full range stretching north to Pennsylvania and west to eastern Texas. They can be found with a number of different colors. Deckman said redbuds can be spotted in other parks around the city, as well as in the wild.

“In the Atlanta area, you can find several different varieties of redbud including the Texas White, (with) white flowering, the Forest Pansy, (with) deep burgundy foliage and a fairly new introduction, the Rising Sun Redbud which has bright yellow, green foliage,” he said.

Deckman said a redbud bloom lasts about three to four weeks, and the Lewis Park tree is probably at its peak.

Janis Johnson, a telecommunications manager who lives near Lewis Park, passed by the tree Monday on an afternoon jog with her daughter, Erika Sigman, a doctor who is visiting from Boston.

The two paused underneath its branches to admire the delicate blossoms.

“I love it,” Johnson said. “Every year I look forward to them coming out. It’s just beautiful.”