Irving Fletchman

An Acworth man was arrested Monday after police said he was seen prowling north Cobb neighborhoods and looking in houses.

Irving Fletchman, 33, was arrested in the Jamerson Forest neighborhood, which is off Jamerson Road near Kell High School, following a 911 call from a nearby resident.

The resident told officers the man had been looking through her windows at approximately 10 p.m. When she confronted him, he began running through the neighborhood streets, according to his arrest warrant.

When they found him, police said Fletchman told them he was only looking through the windows to “look at the house.”

His arrest report claims Fletchman had been doing similar things nearby throughout the day.

“The homeowner, Mrs. Smith, was visibly upset and extremely alarmed due to this incident,” the report reads. “Said accused had been reported to 911 approximately four times this date, during recent hours, in other neighborhoods near the area of this residence and was warned by police each time to vacate the area due to said accused causing alarm to the residents.”

Fletchman was taken to the Cobb County Adult Detention Center, where he faces charges of loitering/prowling.