Craft beer fans in Smyrna may have something to look forward to.

On Monday, the city’s planning and zoning board approved by a vote of 6-0 a plan that would allow breweries, brewpubs and distilleries to four zoning categories in the city. Previously, zoning code did not include them as acceptable uses for any category of land.

If the City Council votes to follow the committee’s recommendation, breweries could pop up in places zoned as general commercial, light industrial, mixed use and central business district.

That latter category would include Smyrna Market Village, home to many of the city’s outdoor festivals and celebrations. In February, the council voted to allow visitors to carry and consume alcoholic beverages in the area.

Councilman Tim Gould, who sponsored the measure, said the city has heard from some microbreweries that would like to locate in Smyrna, but there are no concrete plans yet regarding which brewery could come and where it might be located. He did say Market Village “seems like a great spot” for a microbrewery.

“There are a lot of festivals, a lot of events there,” he said. “That would be a great match with a local microbrewery.”