Northwest Corridor Express Lanes

Northwest Corridor Express Lanes

Gov. Nathan Deal announced Tuesday that the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes will open to southbound traffic mid-morning on Saturday.

The project — the largest of its kind in state history — adds approximately 30 miles of express lanes along Interstate 75 from Akers Mill Road to Hickory Grove Road, and along I-575 from I-75 to Sixes Road.

The first 14 days of operation will be free for motorists with registered Peach Passes to encourage commuters to utilize the express lanes. A ribbon-cutting ceremony set for Sept. 12 at the Sun Trust Park north lot is scheduled to celebrate the completion and opening of the lanes.

The barrier-separated express lanes are reversible. Plans are to operate them southbound in the mornings and northbound in the evenings. Pricing will be "dynamic," with the cost rising as demand increases during morning and evening peak travel times and decreasing during off-peak travel times.

Drivers will be able to access the express lanes from six interchanges along I-75: I-285, Terrell Mill Road, Roswell Road, I-575, Big Shanty Road, and Hickory Grove Road. Three slip ramps along I-575 also will allow commuters to enter or exit from the general travel lanes.

In order to use the express lanes, drivers must register and obtain a Peach Pass transponder through the State Road and Tollway Authority. Placed inside the car, the Peach Pass will automatically deduct the correct express lanes fee for each trip in the express lanes.