Students, teachers, parents and community members can report suspicious activity through an anonymous tip line for Dalton Public Schools.

School system Chief of Staff Pat Holloway said during a recent Dalton Board of Education meeting the tip line is available on the school system’s mobile app.

“We’ve had it all along on the mobile app,” she said. “It’s something we can start promoting a little more as a way to help with safety.”

To access the tip line, download the Dalton Public Schools app. Under the resources menu, select tools, then tip line and that will take the user to a form to be filled out.

Holloway said tips can be for suspicious behavior on campus, academic integrity concerns, bullying, campus threats or an inappropriate social media post.

“It may be a student making a threat that needs to be investigated,” she said. “It can be anything people feel needs investigating.”

Holloway said the tip will go to an “appropriate administrator” who will begin an investigation into the claim. Videos and photographs, screenshots of social media posts and other forms of evidence can be submitted.