Cobb school board member David Morgan is expected to discuss possible changes to district procedures he says could improve communication with staff and parents.

Morgan said he intends to address the district’s teacher transfer policy, as well as how best to streamline communication between students, parents and teachers.

He said the teacher transfer policy, as it exists today, requires teachers who plan to transfer schools within the district to have a reference from their principal. But, Morgan said, after that point, communication with the teacher “goes dark.”

“I think that it should be something that the teacher should be privy to what’s being written on her,” he said, adding that teachers are able to view their performance evaluations. “It shouldn’t be any different than what’s being communicated to the teacher in terms of how they’re being evaluated.”

Morgan also said he would like to see Superintendent Chris Ragsdale and his staff identify the best platform for students and parents to communicate with the students’ teachers. He said when a student has multiple teachers who use varying channels as their preferred way to contact, questions may go unanswered.

“It’s a whole lot to try to keep up with,” he said. “If there was just one communication platform, I think it would simplify communication for everyone.”

Morgan said the Cobb schools parent portal may be a good platform option, but not all teachers use the portal as their preferred communication channel.

Cobb school board Chairman David Chastain said Morgan requested the two discussion items be placed on the board’s agenda and had the required support of two other board members for it to be placed there. He declined to provide more specific comments on the items until the board’s discussion on Thursday.

Board member Randy Scamihorn said he is “open-minded” to the idea of looking for one platform for parents and teachers to communicate. Scamihorn added, however, that because teachers and administrators use so many communication channels — including email, phone calls and notes home to parents — it could prove difficult to narrow it down to one.

Scamihorn said he would have to learn more specifically about Morgan’s requests for discussion on the teacher transfer policy before taking a side.

In other business, the board will consider:

♦ Approval of the Georgia Department of Transportation’s request for right-of-way to 3.7 acres at Allatoona High School for improvements to Ga. Highway 92. GDOT is requesting to purchase the land for $265,300;

♦ Approval of a $381,250 contract with Hellas Construction, Inc. for a track resurfacing at Allatoona High School. The project would be funded through a special 1% sales tax for education, approved by voters in 2013; and

♦ Approval of an $831,096 lease agreement for the renewal of 78 portable trailers to be placed at Bells Ferry, Birney, Nickajack, Teasley and King Springs elementary schools, as well as Garrett and Griffin middle schools and Campbell and Osborne high schools; and

♦ Approval of a resolution to work with the Georgia Department of Education to inventory school district facilities and develop a five-year forecast for future needs and facility maintenance.

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