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Kenneth Terry, suspected of raping, kidnapping and stabbing his estranged wife, was seen driving this car, Marietta police said.

A man accused of raping, stabbing, beating and kidnapping his estranged wife, who fled Marietta to hide from him, was captured by authorities in Tennessee last Friday afternoon, Marietta police announced.

A 3 p.m. press release from Marietta police spokesman Chuck McPhilamy confirmed 53-year-old Kenneth Terry of Connecticut was apprehended by officers with the United States Marshals Service and Tennessee State Patrol in Athens City, about 130 miles from Marietta.

“The suspect fled in his vehicle reaching speeds well in excess of 100 mph before being taken into custody,” McPhilamy said. “No injuries were reported.”

He thanked all agencies and individuals involved in Terry’s capture, particularly the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshals Service, Tennessee State Patrol and Sandy Springs Police Department.

“Excellent multi-agency work along with the assistance from the media and viewing public has led to the capture of the suspect,” McPhilamy said.

Police said Terry’s estranged wife fled Marietta to hide from him after he raped her in late September, moving to another city in metro Atlanta.

Last Thursday night he found, attacked and kidnapped her, police said.

“It is believed that the kidnapping and initial assault took place somewhere in Sandy Springs,” McPhilamy said Friday morning, when Terry was still on the run. “Terry forced his estranged wife into her own vehicle and drove to the Marietta area. The victim had been severely beaten and stabbed before Terry pulled into a Marietta hotel parking lot.”

The woman was taken to a Marietta hospital with non-life threatening injuries after managing to escape her ex-husband and get help, McPhilamy said.

In the parking lot, Terry briefly stepped out of the vehicle and his ex-wife seized the opportunity to lock him out, he said.

She got into the driver’s seat and drove to the front of the hotel, where she jumped out of the car and cried for help as Terry tried to force her back inside the vehicle, police said.

“A security guard for the hotel noticed the struggle and confronted Terry,” McPhilamy said. “Terry jumped back into the victim’s car and drove away. Moments later the security guard called 911 asking for police and medical help.”

Before his apprehension Friday afternoon, Terry was last seen driving his former wife’s 2007 black Chevy Impala with Connecticut tags.

McPhilamy said the woman contacted Marietta police on Sept. 28, stating Terry had raped her.

Officers investigated and got an arrest warrant for him, discovering he was already on federal probation out of Connecticut, McPhilamy said.

“Since Sept. 28, Terry has attempted to contact the victim on multiple occasions,” he said.

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