Cobb Luxury Cars, a dealership on Atlanta Road near its intersection with Bingham Street, has been the victim of seven car thefts in the course of a few weeks.

Cobb Luxury Cars, a luxury car dealership on Atlanta Road near its intersection with Bingham Street, has lost four vehicles in seven thefts in the course of just a few weeks, according to Frank Collins, an inventory manager at the business.

While a total of six vehicles have been stolen, two have been recovered, Collins said. He estimated the total of lost inventory at about $100,000.

“They broke the door, shattered it, three times,” he said.

The thieves have run off with a Cadillac XLR convertible, Mercedes-Benz GL 450 SUV and a 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLS 550, which Collins said was stolen and recovered before being stolen again.

“The vehicle was recovered in Fulton County. It was damaged when it came back. Then they came back and got it again,” he said, adding that the car has not been recovered again. “It dawned on us that they must’ve had that particular car in sight.”

In every theft, the suspects drive the vehicles through the business’s security fence, Collins said.

He said the thieves have used the 18 keys stolen during their first theft to find the dealership’s matching vehicles and drive them off the lot. Employees of the business have attempted to stop the thefts by moving the location of keys out of view of daily customers and by parking vehicles around the boundaries of the lot to barricade any cars from leaving unauthorized.

Collins said Cobb County Police Department investigators have told him they believe the suspects are part of a ring of thefts in Cobb and Fulton counties. He said he believes the thieves cased Cobb Luxury Cars for about a week, posing as potential buyers, before committing the thefts.

Cobb police do not yet have suspects, but ask that anyone with information call the Cobb County Police Department at 770-499-3900 or 770-499-4183, according to Officer Neil Penirelli, a spokesman for the department.

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