Candy rained down on Sprayberry High School’s football field at the 10th annual Northeast Cobb Community Egg Drop on Saturday.

A helicopter buzzed the field and unleashed a payload of colorful eggs and candies for the kids to snatch up.

Also raining from above was rain. The precipitation level varied between light drizzle and mild downpour throughout the event. While some kids were in their Easter finest, the wet weather didn’t dampen the spirits of kids like Teresa Borjas, a fourth grader from Kennesaw.

“It was so much fun,” she said. “I went on every single one of the bouncy houses at least once. … It was so cool when the helicopter came.”

Before the helicopter drop, which was the main event, there were other egg hunts for different age groups.

In addition to the egg hunts and bouncy houses, the day’s festivities featured food vendors selling treats such as corn dogs, cotton candy and pizza to benefit the Sprayberry Booster Club.

Last year’s egg drop saw nearly 25,000 attendees bring in $13,000 for the Sprayberry community, and organizers said they hope this year will be even bigger.

Football coach Brett Vavra oversaw the student volunteers, including the members of the football team, who unpacked and spread box after box of candy across the field for eager groups of kids to scoop into their baskets.

“This is an awesome event for our community, for our school,” Vavra said. “We get to put our school on display, our students, all of our volunteers, our football team. We have over 200 volunteers from the community at this event, so it’s a great way for us to kind of show our school and the kids we have here.”