Liberty Elementary School recently participated in the sixth annual Character Day promoted by Let it Ripple Film Studio. Let it Ripple’s mission is “to use film, technology, discussion materials, and live and virtual events to engage people in conversation and action” surrounding good character. This year’s theme was to unplug and take time to build relationships.

The Liberty School of Character committee worked to organize this year’s event through which all students and teachers took the time to turn off smartboards, shut down computers, and unplug from technology to participate in relationship-building activities. Along with classroom activities, all students and staff wore colorful socks to add some fun and conversation to the day.

“Celebrating Character Day each year gives our students and staff an opportunity to put our school’s core values into action through a variety of activities,” Principal Doug Knott said. “It was wonderful to see each of our nearly 1,200 students and staff engaged in activities today focused on strengthening relationships.”

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