MARIETTA — The Kennesaw City Council will vote whether or not to allow Dry County Brewing to become the first brewery in the state to also produce liquor.

Dry County currently produces a line of craft beers, but they have plans to expand their product line to include spirits.

Dry County’s co-founder Trey Sinclair said the product line has not been finalized, but they plan to begin by producing clear liquors like rum, gin and white whiskey. Those take less time to produce since they do not need to age. Down the road, Sinclair said, the distillery will also sell dark liquors.

Sinclair said if all goes according to plan, the first products could be ready to drink early next year. They will only be available at Dry County’s onsite tasting room, however. Sinclair said they are not planning to go retail in the near future.

The company is planning to invest in new equipment for distilling, but the brewery’s footprint will not increase. Sinclair said he hopes getting into the spirits business will help out on the beer side, for example by using barrels that have held aging whiskey to impart extra flavor to beer.

“As a brewery, we already use barrels in our production, as most breweries in the state do,” Sinclair said. “This will open up some interesting and exciting possibilities.”

Before any of those possibilities can become realities, however, the brewery needs approval from the city and state.

Kennesaw’s city staff has reviewed Dry County’s application and the finance department has recommended approval, according to the agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting. Sinclair said he hopes state approval will come soon after.