HOLLY SPRINGS — At the Monday meeting of the Holly Springs City Council, members approved the annexation and rezoning of 13-plus acres located across from the Cherokee Fire Training Center on Holly Springs Parkway, as well as new lighting on Holly Springs Parkway and the demolition of 95 Palm St.

Added stipulations led to the approval of the annexation and rezoning for the purpose of 75 detached town homes and commercial strip (a tenant has yet to be decided) located on Holly Springs Parkway across from the Cherokee Fire Training Center. Concerns from both the city and county were addressed upon the first presentation of this project. Both had concerns regarding the Cherokee Fire Training Center being across the street and how the two would impact each other. Training schedule (240 plus hours a year of training at any hour), security, noise concerns, potential smoke concerns and the safety of children were all brought up during the meeting.

Community Development Director, Nancy Moon, shared new stipulations that work to address most of those concerns. Stipulations include the installation and maintenance of a 25-foot buffer between the development and the Fire Training Center, the developer is required to provide $2,000 to Cherokee Fire and Emergency Services for the purpose of upgraded fencing and 20 feet on the back end of the property is to be donated for city use and eventually a trail system. The annexation passed 5-0 and the rezoning passed 4-1 with Kyle Whitaker voting against the item.

Demolition of 95 Palm St. (E.M. Barrett’s Store) will soon commence at the cost of $10,000. The project will be done by Earthscapes Products Inc. and they will demolish, collect and clean the usable bricks for future use in the new Town Center project. Mayor Steven Miller suggested that they save extra brick for as much use as possible out of that building. The item passed 5-0.

Soon there will be lighting along Holly Springs Parkway at the cost of $344 a month. There will be a total of 24 lighting fixtures along the road. Council approved this item 5-0.

The next City Council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Aug. 5 at City Hall, 3235 Holly Springs Parkway.

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