A man drove a stolen car at dangerous speeds through Marietta while in possession of illegal drugs, Cobb County police claim, labeling him a “super speeder” under Georgia law.

Brandon Demetrius Montgomery, 34, of Columbus, was arrested by Cobb police on Cobb Parkway near the Bells Ferry Road intersection in Marietta around midday on Nov. 8 after fleeing arresting officers in a 2018 Chevrolet Impala stolen from an Atlanta car rental company the day prior, records show.

Police said Montgomery, who is originally from Germany, drove the stolen car at 110 mph on Interstate 75 northbound in Marietta, passing multiple vehicles on the inside and outside emergency lanes.

“This caused other drivers to take evasive actions to avoid an accident caused by the accused’s disregard for their safety in order to escape being arrested,” Montgomery’s arrest warrant states.

Police said Montgomery had four ecstasy pills in his possession when he was apprehended.

Ecstasy, or methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, is a Schedule 1 controlled substance commonly used as a party drug.

Under Georgia law, any driver convicted of driving at a speed of 85 mph or more on any road or highway, or 75 mph or more on any two-lane road or highway, shall be classified as a “super speeder,” documents show.

Montgomery is charged with felony counts of theft by receiving stolen property, fleeing or eluding police and possessing ecstasy, as well as a misdemeanor count of speeding as a “super speeder,” his jail record shows.

He remains behind bars on a $15,000 bond.

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