The Holly Springs City Council this week voted to approve a change to its alcohol ordinance.

With the approval, the definition of the word “premises” in its alcohol law will be changed to include pick up locations in grocery store parking lots.

This new definition of premises will be “floor space within a building possessed, owned or controlled by the licensee or its agents of a business location to sell alcoholic beverages, but shall also include any patio areas outside of the building and any designated grocery pickup parking areas immediately adjacent to the building.”

The change will also allow the consumption and/or sale of alcoholic beverages on licensed premises in patio areas that are accessible through the interior of the restaurant, provided that the licensee is in compliance with all other appropriate regulations as to the safe and orderly operation of such establishment.

The council also approved an ordinance approving appropriations for the Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan for 2020 to 2024.

The Capital Improvement Plan provides guidance and direction to the city’s capital project programming and budgeting process by identifying needed improvements to the capital facilities of the city.

The plan also identifies major actions that need to be undertaken by the city which include community and economic development initiatives or programs, major capital improvements or infrastructure expansions, regulatory measures or land development regulations over the next five years.

The conversion of Riverside Parkway at Serenity Lane/Way to a four-way stop was also approved by the council.

The construction and engineering company BM&K determined that a four-way stop will improve traffic operations and will include safe passages for pedestrians.

There is an issue regarding site distance at the four way stop in regards to pedestrian crossing at the intersection that the council wants to discuss at a future meeting.

“We need to get that on the priority list,” Holly Springs Mayor Steven Miller said.

Other notable agenda items that were approved include:

- The re-adoption of the Georgia Certified City of Ethics Program of the Georgia Municipal Association.

- The opening of a Debt Service Fund checking account, which will be managed by the city manager and city clerk.

- A Statewide Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement between the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency that will provide the framework to support mutual assistance in managing an emergency or disaster occurring within any political subdivision that is a participating party, whether arising from natural disaster or other significant events. This agreement will also identify those persons who are authorized to act on behalf of the Participating Party.

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