Cherokee County is one step closer to having its conservation design community plan officially updated after it was approved by the planning commission last week.

During the Sept. 3 meeting, planning and zoning director Jeff Watkins presented the final draft of the plan to the commission members. According to Watkins, the draft he had ready for the planning commission to take action on included removing the zoning category of R-15, one of the densest single family residential zoning categories, from the conservation design community plan. Under the updated plan, R-20, a slightly less dense single family residential zoning category, would be the densest category allowed in a conservation design community. Other key changes made to the plan included setting a minimum amount of property which developers would need before being able to propose a conservation design community and setting a limit of the number of lots within such a community that could be platted between the minimum lot size and the average lot size at 15 percent.

Following Watkins’ explanation of what specific changes had been made to the conservation design community plan, the planning commission unanimously approved a motion to accept all of the changes and move the plan forward to its next step, being sent to the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners to have a public hearing scheduled.

After the planning commission passed its motion to accept the changes, the commission members thanked Watkins and his staff for their work on updating the plan and listening to the many comments and concerns the planning commission members had about potential changes.

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