The kennel area inside the Cobb County Animal Services shelter.

Cobb’s animal services shelter is on track to open at the end of the week, now that the facility has been professionally cleaned and the 350 resident cats and dogs have been vaccinated against an infectious disease.

The county’s communications department posted a public video Monday night of the shelter being cleaned and dogs being vaccinated, declaring the shelter could open as soon as Friday, if veterinarians don’t discover any new signs of Streptococcus zooepidemicus.

The bacterial infection, commonly known as “strep zoo,” claimed the lives of four dogs at the shelter before the facility was shut down on Oct. 2.

“Every animal here received a shot of strong antibiotics. Most took the shot without any complaining!” the video posted on Cobb County’s public Twitter account and the shelter’s public Facebook page stated.

Shelter staff bought more than $15,000 worth of vaccines to battle the outbreak and hired commercial cleaners to scrub the shelter floor to ceiling.

In the two weeks leading up to the shelter lockdown, around 80 animals were adopted out from the facility. Shelter staff contacted those pet owners to caution them about the outbreak, but none reported their pets having any associated symptoms or sickness.

The shelter, located at 1060 Al Bishop Drive in Marietta, also worked with the Humane Society of Cobb County and other local animal rescue organizations to ensure stray animals or emergency cases could be accommodated during the closure.

The county’s animal services officers have still been responding to calls and working to find temporary housing at other local facilities for animals requiring care.

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