CARTERSVILLE — A woman was arrested and charged with aggravat-ed assault Saturday when she used a cordless drill and wounded her boy-friend during an argument.

Kirsten Lane, 18, allegedly was upset with her boyfriend because he caught her cheating on him the night before and she thought he “did something with her keys” in retaliation, according to a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office Report.

BCSO deputies were dispatched to Retreat Ridge in Cartersville at around 10:45 a.m. Saturday.

According to the police report, during an argument between Lane and her boyfriend, Lane took a battery-powered drill with a drill bit in it and struck her boyfriend in the head with the drill bit spinning.

Deputies noticed a swollen, bloody puncture wound to the man’s head.

According to the boyfriend, after Lane hit him in the head with the drill, he unlocked the doors to his truck and let Lane look for her keys, but she started taking his clothes out of the truck.

The boyfriend said he grabbed his clothes and put them back in the truck, but then Lane grabbed his hair, jerked his head down and punched him in the face.