CARTERSVILLE— One of Cartersville’s most famous — and to some, infamous — landmarks is set for demolition next week.

Bartow Motel at 803 Joe Frank Harris Parkway is already in the process of being dismantled and is expected to be fully razed over the next few days.

Built in the 1950s, the motel was condemned by the City of Cartersville last November.

“We’re getting rid of the motel business for sure,” said Kirti Patel, son of motel owner Gopalbhai Patel. “We are trying to sell it if we get the right price. If not, we’ll build here an office park, for the doctors or lawyers.”

Though the business garnered a dubious reputation due to a high volume of police calls and on-site crimes — including a 2013 incident in which a man was stabbed in front of his two children — Kirti said the motel’s notoriety was undeserved.

“I know everywhere you go there will be two people who are bad, but 90 percent of the people are good,” he said. “There is nothing wrong with the business or the clientele or the city, but things are changing in the city government, so we have to move on.”

Gopalbhai Patel said the city essentially forced him to demolish the motel — which has been a longtime family business.

“They said if you can’t [bring the motel up to code], tear it down,” he said. “If you do not tear it down, the city will tear it down and that will cost a lot, and that’s why we have to take this action.”

Gopalbhai said he is not pursuing any legal challenges.

“We don’t have that kind of money,” he said. “We’ll lose everything. Once the business is gone ... we don’t have any other income but Social Security.”