CARTERSVILLE — Two men were arrested on drug trafficking charges when deputies with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama discovered approximately 28 pounds of methamphetamine in the trunk during a traffic stop last week.

According to a Baldwin Sheriff’s Office release, one of the men arrested was 25-year-old Kevin Silva Tavares, of Cartersville. Tavares is in jail on $305,000 bond, charged with receiving stolen property and trafficking a controlled sub-stance.

Jose Luis Arias Castillo, 47, of Mexico, was the other man involved and is in jail on a $1 million bond, charged with trafficking.

Both men were arrested after the Kia Optima driven by Tavares was stopped by Baldwin County deputies near mile marker 53 eastbound on Interstate 10 on Jan. 9. The registered owner of the vehicle was not in the car.

Tavares told police the two were going to the Tampa area from Houston to work for approximately two months, according to the release.

Castillo claimed to be traveling from Dallas to an undisclosed city in Florida to simply view the city. Both subjects had several articles of religious para-phernalia on their person and throughout the vehicle, according to the release.

A search also revealed an aftermarket speaker box in the trunk.

“The box was extremely heavy and after using a handheld x-Ray machine, images of several bundles were shown being concealed,” according to the release. “Once open, it was discovered to be approximately 28 pounds of [meth-amphetamine]. A stolen firearm was also discovered in the vehicle.”