Downtown Roswell may be getting a two story, multi-family condo and commercial complex at 1223 Canton Street.

City council approved a conditional use request for a 11 unit, two story building just north of the Woodstock Road and Canton Street intersection. The back of the property would have a third story, allowing for more room in front. The developer Mattis Partners said the property would be around 91% residential and 9% commercial.

“We believe the small scale of the development, will provide a much-needed housing type while integrating well with the neighborhood,” site architect Randal Paulson Architects stated in its letter of intent.

The complex would be outside of the historic district.

“It creates suburban residential where they live and can walk and support our businesses,” council member Matt Judy said.

City staff recommended a five foot sidewalk, shifting parking spots to the east, that the number of units is not guaranteed and that the developer complies with fire requirements.

At the Oct. 15 city council meeting, Palermo attempted to approve the request with several additional conditions, including a max of 10 units per acre, the same number of beds and average square foot per unit and that multiple units are not owned by one entity.

Council members Matt Judy, Marie Wilsey and Matthew Tyser approved the request with staff recommendations and no conditions.

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