CANTON — As news of the popular History Channel show “American Pickers” return to Georgia spreads across communities, local collectors in Cherokee County are looking forward to their chance to film with the show’s stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz.

Stefanie Jones, owner of the downtown Canton business Junk Drunk Jones, has been gathering items for her family’s private collection since she was 6 years old.

Jones, who started collecting with her father and has even gotten her daughter in on the trade, said she had heard from other collector friends and families about the “American Pickers” return to Georgia.

Producers for the show are scouting for participants in the area with large, private collections or accumulation of antiques the duo can spend the better part of a day looking through.

Jones said her family first contacted the show three years ago during Wolfe and Fritz’ first trip to the state, and were among dozens of contest-ants interviewed but only a few could be selected for the episode, Jones said. She’s optimistic about contacting them again for another shot on the show.

“Eventually, they’ll run out of places to shop, and depending on, you know the way antiques work and stuff, I’m sure there’s different trends and things like that that they follow, and who knows what they’re looking for this time, maybe we’ve got it,” she said. “That and we’ve had another three years of collecting under our belt between now and then.”

If you or a person you know is a private collector, send a name, phone number, location and a description of the collection with photos to or call (855) OLD-RUST.

New episodes of “American Pickers” air Mondays at 9 p.m. on the History Channel.