Gordon Central's Antione Harris

Gordon Central quarterback Antione Harris (2), of the White team, is brought down by Blue team linebacker Maury Coria and another defender. (Larry Greeson, CalhounTimes.com)

Gordon Central fans got to see a little taste of the brand of football new head coach David Humphreys will employ this fall with the Warriors.

And judging by the results on the field on Friday at Gordon Central’s Blue and White Spring Game, they have to be pretty encouraged about what Humphreys will be able to accomplish at the helm.

There was a little bit of everything in the blue team’s 14-7 win over the white squad — some offense and some defense.

For Humphreys, who took over for Chad Fisher a few months back when Fisher left for the head job at LaFayette, he said the thing he was most impressed with was how his players responded in their first spring under his direction.

“I think the big deal was everything was a first for us,” said Humphreys. “This was the first time we’ve gotten in a huddle on this field with people in the stands. There was some anxiety there with us messing up some things in the huddle with our calls, but that was just some nerves.

“But I saw some nice things too. We weren’t as clean in some of our option game, but that was expected. Defensively, we had guys running to the ball. We weren’t where we were supposed to be every time, but we had several nice plays.”

The scrimmage started with the defense setting the tone, as there were fumble recoveries for both teams, one from the blue’s Cross Langley and one from the white’s JJ Winston.

The first score of the game came late in the first period when the white team’s Antione Harris connected on an 89-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Barnhart. Barnhart also had an interception in the game.

The white squad added another score midway through the second period on a 16-yard touchdown pass from Montana Rogers to Nate Mays.

The blue team got in the end zone on the final play of the scrimmage when Taurus Carson scooped up a fumble and returned it 40 yards for a touchdown to make it 14-7.

Humphreys said after the game that the biggest thing his team needed to do was have patience and continue to work.

“We’re just starting (this spring),” said Humphreys. “All we wanted to do is introduce a bunch of verbage to these guys, and we did. Now, it’s time for them to learn what all that means.

“I think they’re working very hard (at picking everything up. They want to be further along, but like I keep telling them, everything we’re doing is different so they’ve just got to hang in there and we’ll be fine.”

A few other standouts from Friday’s scrimmage were Maury Coria, who played both linebacker and running back, and Jacob Mitchell, who played on both the offensive line and defensive line.

The Warriors will now turn their focus to summer, which Humphreys said will be important because it will be getting more in depth into everything after introducing everything new in the spring.

“Before we came out on the field tonight, we talked about our summer schedule,” said Humphreys. “We’re going to work three days a week in June and four or five days a week in July.

“This spring was all about introducing verbage. Now, it’s time to go back and coach it all. I like to give them a big picture, and then I like to bring it back and dissect it. This summer we’re going to try to perfect the little things.”

The Warriors will start fall practice in late July before scrimmaging Cass at home on Aug. 16. They will open the regular season on Aug. 30 at Coosa.