Brad Butler

Darlington senior Brad Butler in the dugout at Darlington, March 30, 2013. (Brittany Hannah/RN-T)

Brittany Hannah

Brad Butler is the kind of athlete — and leader — that coaches always hope will land on their team.

Playing centerfield on the baseball team and quarterback for the football team, the Darlington senior has been instrumental in the success of both squads.
He helped lead the football team to the postseason last fall, and is currently contributing to the baseball team’s 10-0 region record.
And although his senior year is winding down, Butler’s athletic story won’t stop there. 
He recently signed to play football for the Wofford Terriers, a Division I college in South Carolina.
The academic prestige of Wofford shows that Butler is not only committed to juggling two sports, but his education as well.
The Rome News-Tribune recently caught up with Butler to ask about his workload, on and off the field, along with his future plans and several other topics.
Here’s what he had to say:
RN-T: How great does it feel to be having such a good baseball season so far?
BUTLER: This year has been great so far. The coaches have really been positive towards us and really led us in the right direction. 
The senior class has come through this year on a countless number of games — Alec Redden, Miles Bearden, Brick Tillery, David Grindstaff, everybody is just having a great year (especially) the senior class. They’re coming up big in big games.
RN-T: How special is it to for this great season to be happening during your senior year?
BUTLER: It’s great. We had a really great year my sophomore year, but there’s something different about it this year, being a senior and being the leaders and being the key parts of the team. It’s just really special for it to be senior year, my last year, and to go out with a bang
RN-T: Being quarterback on the football team and a senior on the baseball team, what kind of leader roles do you have to take on?
BUTLER: It’s different, because the quarterback is expected to be the leader on most teams, but with baseball it’s more of a group effort. The seniors are normally the leaders, and that hasn’t changed much this year. It’s a joint effort. 
It was like that in football too, but the quarterback is looked at as the leader on offense, so baseball is a little different, because it’s more of a shared responsibility.
RN-T: Do you think it’s difficult juggling two sports and transitioning from football season to baseball season?
BUTLER: (It’s) not really (difficult), because it’s football and baseball. I stopped playing basketball, because it was in the middle, and it gives me a break. 
I train with Pro Performance, and that really keeps me in shape throughout the year. So the physical part of it, there’s not really much of a transition, because that keeps me in shape, and it’s not a big deal.
RN-T: You signed recently with Wofford; what are your post-high school goals?
BUTLER: Right now, I’m just looking to get on the field as fast as possible with Wofford. That’s the main goal.
I really like the coaches up there. It’s a really great program. The education side of it is going to be great. It’s second to none, so I’m really looking forward to that. But trying to get on the field as soon as possible is my goal athletics-wise.