It looks like the Darlington softball team will have to wait at least one more season before getting to host a state playoff game.

The Tigers, who were sitting in the No. 8 seed yesterday in the power rankings, fell to No. 9 in the final rankings. The drop means instead of hosting a first round playoff series, the Tigers will hit the road to play Pace Academy, the new No. 8 seed, on Oct. 23.

“We’re disappointed, but we felt like that could happen. I think we’re more disappointed with the way we finished in the region tournament,” Darlington coach Kent Harrison said. “This time of year, to gain an advantage you have to be playing great softball. The way we finished the region tournament is the main reason we’re going to be on the road (for the playoffs).”

Eagles Landing Christian Academy is the top seed in the private school tournament.

Trion remained at spot 18 in the public school power rankings, keeping the Bulldogs home for the playoffs. Gordon Lee fell from first to second in the final rankings as Georgia Military College took over the top spot.

While the Tigers would have preferred to host a playoff series, Harrison said the Tigers are still happy.

“Its still an awesome experience to be in the state playoffs,” he said. “I’m sure there are dozens of teams that would trade places with us.”