Calhoun Jumbotron

This graphic shows what the new video board will look like in the southeast corner of Phil Reeve Stadium. It is targeted to be installed by Sept. 20. (Contributed)

Have you ever been at a high school football game and thought “man, I wish I could see a replay on that last play.”

Well, Calhoun High fans will get that chance on many plays this season at games played at Phil Reeve Stadium.

The stadium will have a ‘Jumbotron’ video screen installed in the next few weeks with the target of having it up and running by the Jackets’ second home game against Dade County on Sept. 20.

The video board will be completely paid for privately by the Calhoun Touchdown Club and will be no cost to the Calhoun City Schools.

“I stressed to our superintendent (Michelle Taylor) that the Touchdown Club would pay for everything, even the electricity and insurance,” said Calhoun Touchdown Club president Terry Brumlow. “We’re extremely excited about it. I think it will enhance the experience for everyone, including the players and fans. It’s going to be a really good thing for Calhoun”

The video board will be placed in the southeast corner of Phil Reeve Stadium and is scheduled to be installed the week of Sept. 16 in order to be ready for the Dade County Game.

“It’s going to be in a good location,” said Brumlow. “It will be angled a little toward the home stands, but everyone in the stadium will be able to see it.”

It will be manufactured by Daktronics, Inc., a company that is headquartered in South Dakoka and is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. The board, cameras and technical aspects will be run by Calhoun High video production teacher Bill Long along with Calhoun students.

“(Bill Long) has been really enthusiastic about this,” said Brumlow. “One of the really good things about this is that we will have several students involved that probably wouldn’t be involved on a Friday night without it. They’ll be working on cameras, in the control room and doing commercials and ads as well.”

Replays will be shown for several plays, but the GHSA prohibits replays of “controversial” plays.

Brumlow said the project has been in discussions for the last few years now that the turf installation has been fully paid off, which was another project completely paid for by the Touchdown Club.

The Touchdown Club is still accepting members for anyone wanting to join. To join the club, contact Brumlow or any of the Touchdown Club members or visit