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Recently on Facebook reading about a disagreement over whether a national chain restaurant was turned away from building a location within the City of Cedartown, I saw something that gave me real pause.

Editor’s note: We’re stepping back in time again this week for our celebration of 150 years in print. This week, we turn to the pages of the Cedartown Express, a long defunct publication that printed the following article in June of 1878. Thanks again to Greg Gray for his help in tracking do…

Times were changing. The early republic of the Founding Fathers had given way to Jacksonian America. Manifest Destiny made its rhetorical rounds, and the bitter divide over slavery was steadily tearing the Union apart.

After some 20 years the City of Cave Spring is getting its cemetery committee back together. We have a couple of beautiful old cemeteries in need of a little tender loving care.

Republicans in Cedartown, Rockmart, the remainder of Polk County, and across the state have some critical decisions to make in the July 24 runoff. Voters will decide who will challenge an increasingly charged Georgia Democrats this fall for the offices of governor, lieutenant governor, and s…

Editor's note: Chief Kenny Dodd asked to publish this letter as his official response to the letter from Sheriff Johnny Moats and the audit of the Polk County Police Department. We have agreed to publish this letter, and additional comments he made are also included in this week's coverage o…

Birthdays are magical events that not only bring about celebrations with family and friends, but they also offer a time of reflection on the past year. This time of reflection is often amplified on milestone birthdays even more so.

I’ve been wanting to find a topic I can go on a rant about that would at least allow me to say something positive about our new President Donald Trump, who after his first 100 days in office hasn’t been getting all that great of press.

This past week, I found myself thinking about issues of home and hearth much more than I have in the past with an interesting evening spent at a special called Aragon City Council meeting.

Last week, students at Westside Elementary School took part in an activity meant to help them learn the value of one of earth’s greatest resources: trees.

Early last week I arrived in the office one morning to find a letter to the editor sitting on my desk which I found to be problematic.

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