Polk Chief

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd injured in wreck.

Polk County Manager Matt Denton said Friday afternoon that Dodd was OK following the wreck and was released from the hospital the same afternoon. 

Officials at Georgia State Patrol reported that around 8:40 a.m. Friday morning, Dodd pulled over on his way to the Polk County Police Department office when he saw a mother and child walking eastbound on U.S. 278 in front of Polk Medical Center.

Dodd turned around quickly and headed eastbound to offer the mother and child a ride, but while he was talking to the pair a truck came up from behind and struck his vehicle in the rear, then knocked him off the roadway in front of Polk Medical Center.

He had partially pulled over, turning on his lights, before getting out to talk with the pair in front of the hospital, officials said. He was still in the car talking to the mother and child, who were not named in the report.

Officials said a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado driven by Wallace Allen Parsons, 59, of Cedartown, struck the unmarked patrol car in the rear. When Dodd's car was struck it began to "rotate ... and roll down the embankment before coming to rest at the bottom of the embankment." 

Dodd was injured and taken to Redmond Regional Medical Center in Rome for treatment. He was later released from the hospital. Neither mother or child were injured in the wreck. 

Parsons was charged following the incident with following too closely and failure to move over for law enforcement emergency vehicles.

Polk County Public Safety Director Randy Lacey said he did not know the extent of the injuries suffered by Dodd, but said that when he was taken to a Rome-area hospital by ambulance he was responsive and awake.

"His car was completely totaled in the wreck," Lacey said.