Knucklehead's closes down

Knucklehead's closed down this month in Rockmart after several years in business on Elm Street near historic downtown. / Sean Williams

  • Knuckleheads shuts down earlier this month

With the closing of Knuckleheads, Rockmart locals won't be 'living the dream' any longer.

The cafe known for its burgers, wings, and other American foods was approximately four years old when its doors closed down for unspecified reasons this month.

The restaurant sported a motorcycle theme and its regulars often pulled up on bikes themselves.

While there are still plenty of restaurants in downtown Rockmart, Knuckleheads fans will be hard-pressed to find an alternate RW business to grab food at.

The Rock, also once owned by Andrew Heaner of Running Wild Catering, now sits as an empty venue not far from Knuckleheads. The store was primarily popular for its ice cream and soda before shutting down in 2017 for unspecified reasons.

However, it's not only Rockmart that has seen closings.

RW's Snack Shack, an Aragon based restaurant, was serving country-style foods before saying farewell in 2017. Unlike its contemporaries, Snack Shack had a short run- serving customers for approximately a single year.

Food may be out of the option, but traces of RW can still be found in the city. Those in need of a quick, inexpensive way to wash their clothes can visit RW's Laundry at 804 W. Elm St., Rockmart.

The business is open from 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. every day except for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday when it extends hours to 9 p.m.

They also have AllStar-based businesses in the area as well, including AllStar Motors, AllStar Enterprises and more.

The restaurants may be gone, but there's always the opportunity for fresh starts.

Anyone interested in the newly available property may consider visiting in person for leasing information.