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The Georgia Department of Education announced earlier today that Youngs Grove Elementary School has improved in their achievement scores enough to exit a statewide Focus list. 

Youngs Grove Elementary School was one of 61 schools across the state to make significant improvements in decreasing the gap between student performance on a local level versus the state average. 

Progress on the local level in getting Youngs Grove off the list is good news for students and educators at the local elementary school, PSD Superintendent Laurie Atkins said. 

"PSD is very excited about all of the diligent work from teachers and students and the great progress the school has made in the last two years," Atkins said. "While we are happy about the progress, we are committed to continuing the great improvement and growth at Youngs Grove Elementary School."

According to a release from the state Board of Education, Focus Schools represent the lowest-performing 10 percent  of Title I schools based on achievement gap data. That data examines the gap between a school’s lowest performing 25 percent of students and the state average, and the progress those students are making.

“We continue to see that underperforming schools can improve and move the needle for their students, even when they face difficult odds,” state school superintendent Richard Woods said. “And we’ve seen once again that intensive, intentional partnerships between schools, districts, communities and our Department can equip schools with the resources they need to improve student achievement. These schools worked directly with our DOE staff and with Georgia RESAs, and their leaders and teachers deserve immense credit for the progress they’ve made. We view school improvement as a primary responsibility of our entire agency – not just the school improvement division – and with that focus guiding us, I’m confident we’ll continue to see schools making gains.”  

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