Police news

A woman told police that she was grabbed by a man at her door in Aragon on Wednesday afternoon during an afternoon robbery, according to Polk County police reports.

Reports stated that the woman had arrived home and found the door slightly open in their garage and as she started to go inside was grabbed from behind.

The victim described the man to police as a six-foot black male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with gray sleeves. Police reports stated the man began dragging her backwards toward the door and knocked her head against the door facing, at which point she began screaming for her husband who was home at the time.

The suspect grabbed her purse and ran into the woods, and her husband gave chase with a baseball bat, reports stated.

The victim lost her purse, which included medication, her wallet and $53.

Police were unable to identify the suspect. If anyone has information about the man in the description above from the Wednesday robbery, contact the Polk County Police Department at 770-748-7331.