Cedartown is getting back a restaurant chain it lost in past years with construction set to start on a brand new location in weeks to come.

During the latest Cedartown Commission meeting, City Manager Bill Fann announced that developers from the Atlanta area have approached the city about bringing Wendy’s back to the west side of Polk County.

Fann didn’t have much in the way of details to share about the project, but did say that developers expect work to begin in February. The building will go in one of the remaining vacant parcels between Walmart’s gas station and the car wash opened in 2019.

He was able to add the developers — who have yet to be named according to the city — own multiple Wendy’s locations throughout the region and “is a really reliable outfit.”

The news came alongside other project announcements, including the demolition of an old Chinese restaurant on East Avenue. Fann said that he was hopeful that it would be the first of several demolition projects to bring down buildings that have reached the end of their useful life spans.

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