Sixth graders from Cedartown Middle School got a better understanding of how the water gets from aquifers and springs to taps in their sinks at home during a field trip on Wednesday, May 17 to the Polk County Water Authority. Pictured above is the classes of Paige Gray and Claire Gammon.

Polk County Water Authority hosted a field trip for sixth grade science students, along with their teachers Paige Gray and Claire Gammon from Cedartown Middle School.

The tour included a trip to Deaton Spring Enclosure site and Deaton Spring Water Treatment Plant.

Students were shown where water sources begin and is processed before it can be distributed during their visit on Wednesday, May 17.

"This is the second field trip that we have had the opportunity to host with Cedartown Middle School," said Jill Price, Office Manager. "It's a team effort, and our employees take pride in showing students the process and facilities that it involves in distributing water."

"There were some great questions from the students, and our hope is that they have a better understanding of how important water is as a natural resource," she added. "We appreciate the relationship that we have with Polk School District to work with students of all ages."