Rockmart Farmers Market

Thanks to their partnership with Fresh for Less through Wholesome Wave Georgia, the Rockmart Farmers Market has been making sure those with SNAP and EBT can take home healthy, nutritious food for years now.

Locals can double up to $50 at the market and take home more food at essentially half the cost. While not available for certain made-to-order products, those in need can stock up on plenty of seasonal produce, meats, and other essentials while making sure local farmers can keep producing.

Now, the market is taking the program a step further by helping citizens sign up and learn about SNAP benefits. Officials from Wholesome Wave Georgia will be at the Thursday, May 23 market from 2 through 6 p.m. on Water Street to offer free screening, enrollment, and renewal for SNAP and EBT.

Locals need only bring a photo ID, their lease, their most recent pay stub, and an award letter for social security and or S.S.I. to get started.

Those interested in learning more about the program can find additional information by visiting

Those already enrolled can exchange their SNAP dollars at the front booth of the market. While doubling up to $50 is possible, shoppers are free to choose how much they spend. Spending $10 will get you $20 in market tokens; spending $20 will get you $40 in market tokens.

Dozens of vendors are selling goods such as grass-fed beef, spring produce, honey, mushrooms, pimento cheeses, and much more.

A full list of vendors can be found by visiting

The event is one of many steps the market has taken to increase awareness and utilization of the program.

Wholesome Wave's 2016 Customer Survey shows that Georgia Fresh For Less helped 80 percent of shoppers increase their daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, and local farmers manage to move much more product thanks to participants.

Aside from a few breaks during Thanksgiving and Christmas, the market is held year-round. Those interested in visiting can do so every Thursday from 2 through 6 p.m. on Water Street.

Floyd Polk Medical Center currently sits as the market's major sponsor. More details about the group can be found by visiting

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