Update as of 11:37 a.m.:

The Polk County Board of Elections will still hold a recount, but is now pushing it back to the beginning of next week. 

They will have to wait until certification of the election results is completed on Friday before holding the recount by law, according to election officials at the office. 

A date and time will be announced later, and an update will be forthcoming. 

Previously posted 11:15 a.m.: 

After a November vote and a Tuesday run-off, there is one last round of counting to do now in the Board of Education's District 6 special election now. 

Interim school board member and candidate Judy Wiggins requested a recount of the ballots in the Tuesday run-off vote that came down to a 191-190 victory for Chris Culver. That will take place Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. at the Board of Elections office in the County Administration offices at 144 West Ave., Cedartown. 

"More than anything else, hearing from supporters and my campaign group, I felt that with it being just one vote it bears looking at one more time," Wiggins said. 

She added that "I just want to be sure." 

Wiggins was appointed by the Board of Education to serve until the special election in November could be held, and then the race went to a run-off between Wiggins and Culver. 

All but three mail-in votes were recorded on the touchscreen voting machines during the run-off and early voting, which should make the counting process go easier. 

Culver has not yet returned a call for comment.