Search for suspects at Polk County Airport

A pilot at the Polk County Airport volunteered to take their plane up to search briefly for a suspect or suspects who were reported to have fled to the area of Airport Road following a shooting in Rockmart.

The Rockmart Police Department released the name of the woman who was shot while driving through an intersection in Rockmart on May 16 as they continue a search for a suspect.

According to Rockmart Police Chief Randy Turner, Stacey Holbrook of Rockmart is recovering from the lone gunshot that hit her while she was driving down College Street on Thursday afternoon. He did not immediately know her condition on Friday afternoon, but said that her family was with her.

Holbrook came to a stop in the 500 block of College Street after she was hit inside her Toyota SUV. The bullet entered her thigh, and she was stabilized by Redmond EMS officials before she was taken to a local area hospital for further treatment.

Turner said Holbrook was not the intended victim of the shooting. Police have yet to identify who the target was at the time as well as the suspect, who fled the scene and was later chased by officers to the middle of the county.

Both Rockmart police, deputies with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the Cedartown police searched the area near the Polk County Airport off Ga. 278. Police believe that the shooting suspect left their vehicle and fled on foot.

Police were continuing their search on Friday for the suspect.

They did recover the vehicle and went over it for evidence after it was left abandoned on Airport Road.

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