It wasn't just a neighborhood affected by flash flooding in Polk County this afternoon. 

Students at Westside Elementary were released slightly earlier from school this afternoon due to heavy rains flooding the Highway 278 entrance into Cedartown High School and Westside Elementary. 

According to Superintendent Laurie Atkins, the only viable entrance for parents to come in and out of at the time was the Highway 27 entrance in front of Cedartown High School. 

"In an effort to ensure we did not have a traffic jam at with everyone using the only way in and out, we elected to dismiss the car riders early," Atkins said. 

She added after maintenance crews were called out to the school's Highway 278 entrance, they were able to divert water and clear the entry in and out of the school. 

"We very much appreciate our WES parents for being flexible and understanding the situation," Atkins said.

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A pair of roads so far have been closed due to flash flooding in the Cedartown area following a thunderstorm that moved through the area and brought downpours around lunchtime today. 

Delano and Roosevelt Streets were closed and blocked off by water, and many yards were flooded as well after area creeks rose due to the sudden onslaught of rainfall. 

No injuries have been reported thus far, or need for any immediate rescue. The flash flood warning remains in effect until 6:45 p.m. tonight, and additional rainfall is likely on the way. 

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