It is going to be a busy day at the Polk-Haralson Christian Life Center -- better known as Camp Antioch -- this coming Saturday as they hold an annual run, and host Keep Polk Beautiful for an Earth Day event. 

Camp Antioch's Janice Stewart said the Up with the Son run the Christian Life Center on Antioch Road usually organizes annually for Easter weekend was moved at the request of those volunteering to help with the organization to later in the month. 

It proved a good weekend to hold the event -- slated to start at 8:30 a.m. with registration followed by the race's start at 9 a.m. -- in conjunction with Earth Day, celebrated technically on Sunday. 

"We're also doing something a little differently as well with this year's run," Stewart said. "We're going to try to run it on the camp property instead of our old route."

The race is free for all those who wish to participate, and is being held at the Christian Life Center at 3900 Antioch Road, Cedartown

Later in the day around noon, Keep Polk Beautiful Executive Director will be setting up a special station on the property for local youth to come help with a project he's hoping will do a lot of good for the bird population. 

With donated materials, Cook is hosting a bird house building event. He'll be directing all the youth on what to do until they come away with a finished product they can hang in a tree, on a post or elsewhere in their yards at home. 

"We see it as a way to get birdhouses out in the community," Cook said. 

That event is also free for those who wish to participate at Camp Antioch. 

In addition to his upcoming Earth Day event, Cook will also be giving away free gallons of paint for people to take  home and use. It can't be resold since it was donated from a local company who does commercial painting work, and always comes back with many more gallons than they needed to use. 

Cook said it is a program that's been ongoing for the past two years, and that he gives away at least a "couple hundred gallons at a time, and half of it has never been opened." 

"I've had people come and get this and they'll go and paint their houses with it," Cook said. "It's good paint." 

Those interested in taking away the paint for their own personal use can come to Cook's shop at 83 Runyon Loop between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to pick up what he has available.