Police news

Two Cedartown men are charged with a July 5 armed robbery of a Cedartown convenience store, according to police reports.

Robert Samual Jones and Mark Benjamin Jones, both of 1319 McKibben St., Lott 11, Cedartown, were arrested and charged in the 11 a.m. incident at Quick Way Food Mart at 731 North Main Street.

Robert Jones faces an armed robbery charge and Mark Jones is charged with armed robbery and party to a crime.

According to reports, the clerk said he was stocking items in front of the store when a man walked into the store, to the back, and then to the front. The clerk asked the man if he could help him and the man told the clerk he needed all the money.

The clerk told police the man then pulled a knife and the two struggled. The clerk then opened the cash register and the man took $800. He fled toward George West Road, reports said.

A witness said the suspect got into a silver Chevy Impala,according to reports.

Police officials said the two were captured after detectives determined one of the men had bought gas at the store immediately prior to the robbery.The man had paid for the gas with a bank card, police said.