Time Change

The days are getting shorter and sunrise is later which means the time has come to change the clocks back to standard time.

Officials are urging local residents during this time to make sure to check their smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and other safety equipment around the house ahead of the coming of winter as Daylight Savings Time ends overnight on Sunday, November 3.

Polk County Public Safety Director Randy Lacey added that now is also the time to make sure that items like fire extinguishers are still ready for use as well. Especially for those who have a heat source like wood burning stoves or fire places to keep warm during winter.

He recommends that chimneys and smoke stacks get cleaned out before winter really sets in as part of safety efforts in the home to prevent fire.

Also, Lacey said to make sure those who are using electric heaters within a room to have it cleaned up and make sure everything is working safely before relying on it to stay warm. That means ensuring there’s no problems with cords, dust is removed from the coils, placing the heater in a safe spot away from other flammable materials by at least three feet.

“This is the time of year that people really need to check everything over and make sure what they are using to stay warm is also safe to use,” he said. “The results can be catastrophic.”

Lacey said one of the first steps for people to ensure they take is changing out the batteries in their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and test each device in the home before it is put into use.

The annual change from Daylight Saving time to standard time is a good reminder to make sure your smoke alarm is working as it should. The switch over takes place on Sunday, November 3 at 2 a.m.

Local residents will fall back an hour and gain some extra sleep time as the winter months approach and days are shorter. Time will change back to Daylight Saving Time in March 2020.

Earlier this year, a state lawmaker sought to put before the legislature a bill that would keep Daylight Saving Time permanent throughout the state. WSB-TV reported in March that House Rep. Wes Cantrell of Cherokee County wanted to bring an end to switching the clocks back and forth. H.B. 628 didn’t make it far, but Cantrell had several co-sponsors on the legislation.

The practice of turning the clock forward and backward started under President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II. Daylight Saving Time is used by most states still, with exception of Hawaii and Arizona.

Cantrell told WSB-TV at the time his hopes were to get measures on the 2020 ballot to bring the practice to an end.

So for now, turn those clocks back one hour before going to bed late Saturday night. Maybe by 2021 there won’t be a need for the time change.

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