Cruise Planners of Cedartown - Sheri and Mike Hunter

Sheri and Mike Hunter are the owners and operators of Cruise Planners in Cedartown, a franchise travel business. (Kevin Myrick/SJ)

Human beings are social creatures.

We were made that way. I like how God said it in the garden of Eden; “It is not good that man be alone”. And while travel is certainly something that can be enjoyed alone or as a couple there are definite benefits to travelling with a group. I certainly see the value in experiencing a place on your own, but when it comes down to it, travelling in a group is just loads more fun. And isn’t that what travel is all about?

So what is a “group”? A collection of people that have a natural attraction, liking, feeling, connection, or kinship. In other words, many times they are already a group before they decide to travel together. Excellent examples are family reunions, church groups, high school class of ??, various organizations, civic clubs, hobby clubs, weddings, or milestone celebrations (birthdays and anniversaries are some of the most popular), etc.

So, why travel as a group?

♦ Save money: For example; a group of at least 8 staterooms (16 guests) on a cruise ship warrants discounts and/or greater perks or amenities. Tours, excursions, and events are quite similar.

♦ Save time: Let your travel planner or agent do all the work of planning out all the details. They will receive input from the larger group and the more ideas the better the trip will be for everybody. Do you think your travel expert or somebody in your group will think of something you didn’t?

♦ Customization: Cruise lines and tour operators are much more open to being flexible and open to customization for groups vs. say, a couple.

♦ Travel with those that share a common interest or connection. Taking “bonding” to a whole new level. My multi-generational family group travel experiences, whether land or sea, now give me some of my fondest family memories. Memories that I will cherish for years. (I can remember my oldest grandson holding a sloth in his arms in Roatan like it was yesterday).

♦ It’s safer to travel as a group: There is truly safety in numbers. The more eyes on things and people and more minds on safety the safer everyone will be. Criminals look for those easier solo targets.

♦ The increased pleasure of sharing experiences: One reason travelers take pictures is to share the experience with others. What better way to share than to have “others” there with you. I can guarantee you will hear look, look at that, and look over there over and over again as your fellow travelers work to “share” the experience and don’t want you to miss anything.

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