• The Rockmart City Council cannot seem to move forward on revisions.

A woman who has in the past come before the Rockmart City Council asking for answers about the city’s potential tethering ordinance was back again on the same issue.

Velvet Clay came before the council again during their April meeting wanting to know why they haven’t moved forward on a tethering ordinance, and what they planned to do about it.

“I’m here to see if anything has happened, and I’d to know where we stand and maybe how we can get the ball rolling on that ordinance,” Clay said.

The first draft of an ordinance for regulating animal tethering within the city was presented in February 2017, when Cedartown-Polk County Humane Society board president Charlotte Harrison first brought it to the city’s attention.

The ordinance has since sat in limbo, with council members having previously expressed concerns over the language that was presented to them.

City Manager Jeff Ellis said it is an item the city will be looking at again during the months of May and June, with the hope to take action during the July council meeting on an ordinance.

Right now, Rockmart and the unincorporated parts of Polk County allow unlimited tethering of animals, while Cedartown and Aragon have implemented ordinances. The Cedartown City Commission took up tethering in past years as well.

Ellis said the he’s had “some revisions” that have been shared with him from the council, and that tethering isn’t being ignored.

“It’s not that they’ve (the council) been neglecting it, but they are struggling with it,” he said. “The wording of the ordinance as it was presented didn’t suit them.”

He said the council is working on revisions that “will be acceptable to this group” and that with further study and changes made during the months to come, it will likely come to fruition during the summer months.

“Rather than string you along about the issue, we’re saying that this is our game plan,” Ellis explained to Clay.