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Taylorsville Baptist Church is offering local youth a new way to learn about the Bible with their upcoming J.A.M (Jesus and Me) ministry, and those interested in registering can attend the upcoming orientation on Wednesday, September 11 from 5 through 7 p.m. at 19 Church St, Taylorsville.

Children and youth must be accompanied by an adult for registration.

The program material, “The Gospel Project” from Lifeway Publishers, is designed to guide those ages 3 through high-school on a journey through the Bible in a new and interesting way.

Each of the books in the project provide a chronological, Christ-centered study plan for every age group and works to explain the essential theological concepts of the Christian faith as they appear in the Bible.

More information about “The Gospel Project” can be found by visiting

Those who attend the Wednesday orientation will also be treated to supper at 5 p.m. in the church's fellowship and gym building. The regular weekly J.A.M schedule begins on Wednesday, Sept. 18 with classes and games from 6 through 8 p.m. and supper from 5:30 through 6 p.m. Pick-up will be at 8 p.m.

Those who miss the initial registration day on Sept. 11 can visit later sessions to register instead. All children and youth who fit in the age range are welcome to attend.

More information about Taylorsville Baptist Church can be found by visiting

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