Cedartown’s softball program saw a lot of new participants come out to have a fun trio of days of camp.

Last week’s Monday through Wednesday camp saw dozens of young players take part with coaches from Cedartown High School and around the area with a variety of activities, from giving help with getting a good swing on the ball at the plate, to learning how to slide properly into base using waterslides.

Ronni Heard, who helped out with the camp, said after initial discussions with the Cedartown City Commission after previously bringing issues about the need for more support for the recreation softball program, it is a sign of better things to come.

“In our meetings with the City Commissioners we've been discussing improvements to Prior St and Goodyear Fields to support and promote the engagement of girls in the softball program. The City Commissioners have been receptive to recommendations, and engaged in these conversations,” she said in an e-mail last week. “The softball camp this week is a sign of things to come. With continued involvement from our community, combined with support from our elected leaders, and engagement from our Recreation Department, we know we can continue to grow the softball program for the young ladies in our area, and we fully anticipate that this program will become an area of pride for Cedartown.”

The three day camp held at the field on Prior Street is indeed a sign of things to come.

Fall Softball registration is underway now through Aug. 23, and those interested in signing up to take part in league play can do so Monday, Tuesday or Thursday through the deadline from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Nathan Dean Gym at Bert Wood Youth and Athletic Center.

Additionally, fall football, cheerleading and soccer registration is underway as well. Contact the Cedartown Recreation Department for more information at 770-748-7783 or 678-822-6260.

Tackle football and cheer signups end on Aug. 2.