Not all vacations are created equal, and while every Polk School District student received nine days off for this year's spring break last week, each spent their free time in all kinds of different ways.

Senior Ian Williams capitalized on the free time by finishing up school work. His engineering class assigned a building project that requires at least 10 hours of time to complete, and Williams spent his break putting together a wooden shed.

"This was assigned at the beginning of the year, but I never got around to it," he said. "Since the work has got to last at least 10 hours, I figured spring break would be the go-to time to wrap it up."

Junior Anna Snider took the free time to touch up on her theatre skills. A thespian and stage veteran, Snider is playing the role of Mrs. Potts in the school's production of "Beauty and The Beast" this year.

"I've been learning my lines and music for "Beauty and The Beast," and hanging out with friends,” she said.

For senior Colby Medlock, spring break was business as usual as he continued his military training. Whether working out with other recruits or recuperating from injuries, Medlock got one step closer to his goal each day.

"Well, my spring break consisted of me going to the dentist to repair my broken teeth and then going to PT," Medlock said. "This (past) Saturday, I have a Poole function where all people who are enlisted into the Marine Corps get to work out together and do events with other marines... we'll be doing an IST, which is an initial strength test."

Junior Rayanna Shaw declared it her mission to exert as little energy as possible during the break, and her nine days were spent doing as she pleased.

"I'm just chilling and stuff," she said.

Senior Christian Schneider spent his spring break competing and working. An active Future Farmers of America (FFA) member, he often tests his skill against neighboring schools.

"I've decided to use my spring break to work and compete in the FFA Region Forestry CDE," Schneider said.

Students will be nearly done with the year when spring break is over and are headed into testing weeks at the end of the month. The end of the school year is coming up on Friday, May 25 for all students, with graduations for the Class of 2018 being held that evening for Rockmart High School, and the following day on Saturday, May 26 for Cedartown High School.

Teachers will finish out their final in-service days through May 31 following a day off for Memorial Day.