Polk School District administrators were the latest to get involved in the Stop the Bleed program with the help of Redmond EMS officials.

Director Marty Robinson and his fellow EMTs brought the program to the Polk School District to provide training that school districts across the state are receiving to have knowledge or how to help people suffering from traumatic injuries in hope that it is never needed.

The Stop the Bleed program is sponsored by the Georgia Trauma Commission, and the idea in mind of helping victims who have serious bleeding injuries survive their wounds.

“It was created for public school systems after studies showed a large percentage of victims involved in mass shootings could’ve survived if someone had the correct training to stop life threatening bleeding,” Robinson said. “Sandy Hook was a classic example of this with estimates of potentially 80% of the deaths at that event that may have been prevented.”

The training is offered in public schools along with 12 kits per school that contain items for bleeding control, Robinson said. Training and the kits are funded by the State of Georgia under the direction of the Regional Trauma Commissions, so Polk School District and Redmond EMS officials didn’t have to spend any money on the project.

The latest round of employees to receive the training included school principals and other central office personnel.