Standoff in Polk County, Aug. 16, 2017

The Polk County Police Department, Polk County Sheriff Office, Rockmart Police and Georgia State Patrol were among law enforcement officers who were involved in an afternoon standoff in Polk County on Morgan Valley Road near Rockmart. 

Contributed by Jonathan Blackmon

A Polk County man was on his way to jail this afternoon following a standoff with law enforcement officers, according to Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats. 

Moats said he was able to talk down a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who was alleged to be shooting a firearm in the direction of a man who was forced to hide behind a barn during part of the day. 

According to Moats, the suspect who has been identified as Jamie Ogle of an address in the 900 block Morgan Valley Road area, was eventually talked out of his position and surrendered to law enforcement peacefully. He was taken into custody and is being questioned before he is officially charged. 

Police had tried through the afternoon to make contact with him several times before Moats said Ogle called back and they were able to talk him down and end the incident peacefully. 

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd said that Ogle fired several times, first at the neighbor and then later once police arrived. Floyd County's SWAT team leader Capt. Tom Ewing was also called to the scene, but Ogle surrendered before their assistance was needed. 

After law enforcement tried to get in touch with family members, Moats eventually tracked down Ogle's phone number and got in touch after several attempts, and got him to come to the end of the long driveway at the residence to give himself up without any more shots fired. 

The Rockmart Police Department and Georgia State Patrol also assisted. 

Dodd said that Polk County Police are still investigating at the scene and are obtaining a search warrant to prove that Ogle was firing his weapon at the time, since he denied taking any shots when he was taken into custody.