Hunter Wade

Rockmart High School senior Hunter Wade practices on his guitar during spring break. 

Tyler Williams/SJ

A lot of people take off to the beach during spring break, but the other majority have their vacation at home.

This past week, students in the Polk School District took their annual spring break from April 3-7, and instead of heading out of town on a brief vacation many local youth found their escape from their daily routine of going to school by doing things around their home town.

For some, they stay on break to peruse their passion in music. Rock­mart high school senior Hunter Wade enjoyed his off time relaxing at his home and playing his guitar.

Wade said he preferred to stay home because it gives him the opportunity to practice and connect with his music without having to worry about the stresses of school work.

“When I play, I feel out of this world almost as nothing stands around me: just me and my guitar,” Wade said. “You cant find that in any hotel.”

While Wade was busy picking at his guitar, others used the time to enjoy a virtual world.

Rockmart senior Nick Damron stayed home over break to stay put on the couch playing video games.

“When you get into a really good game you make an escape from reality and live another life,” Damron said. “With­out leaving the couch, I get to slay mon­sters and save mankind.”

Some students spends their time doing thing productively educational wise. Holly Decker,who is a sophomore at Rockmart, spends her time over spring break work on math problems.

Decker wants to become a mathematician in her future, so she spends her spare time solving equat­ions and learning new theories.

“I know how lame it may seem, but I like math,” Decker said. “I enjoy it because it is definite: you always have a way to answer the problem in front of you and that is something you rarely get in life.”

One student wasn’t afraid to say she was happy to spend her break dreaming the days away.

Anslee Williams, a local student at Rockmart Middle School, said she spent her spring break catching up on napping, Netflix shows, and spending time with her dog Lola.

“They don’t let me take naps during school, so I figured I should use my time wisely and take a nap all week,” Williams said.

“Lola and I watch Stranger Things all night until we are tired then we take a nap. I enjoy that more than going out of town because I would miss her too much.”

Without leaving town, kids around Rockmart found ways to make their break a good one by doing things they enjoy only in spare moments without being hassled by the troubles of travel.

Students headed back to the classroom on Monday to finish out the 2016-17 school year, which ends on May 26 for students in the Polk School District.

Graduation for Cedar­town and Rockmart High School students this year will be held on May 26 and 27.