Brushy Mountain Tunnel

A ride through an 800 foot tunnel at Brushy Mountain Tunnel is just one of the many features of Polk County available to enjoy right now. / Contributed

Editor’s note: in an effort to ensure that we here at the Standard Journal do our part to promote positive activities, we are giving over some space to Keep Polk Beautiful in order so that we might all enjoy together what bounty the great outdoors gives us right here at home. This will be the first in a series of stories from Mr. Cook, and we hope you will take note and also action by helping to keep those spaces clean. - KM

Polk County has numerous opportunities to offer for those that want to enjoy being outside and being surrounded by beautiful green space. Through this new monthly spotlight, it’s hoped that readers will get out and not only have information about their green spaces all over they can enjoy, but to also get active on local trails.

Just remember to pick up any trash found on the ground and keep it out of waterways, roadways and throughout nature.

The first spotlight focuses on a place right here in Polk County’s back yard, the Coot’s Lake Trailhead and Brushy Mountain Tunnel.

Ever walked through a 800-foot tunnel? Have the kids ever stood in the middle of such a tunnel yelled echo?

If not, then take a trip to see what Polk County has in a trailhead at Coots Lake (lovely enough on its own) that allows anyone to park and walk, rollerblade, or ride a bike the short 2.6 miles to enjoy said 800-foot tunnel.

Built in 1912, the Brushy Mountain tunnel lies just inside the Paulding County line. The 2.6 mile trek is one of the scenic journeys to be experienced along the 61 miles of the Silver Comet Trail.

Once inside the tunnel, one can almost still hear the loud noise of the trains rumbling through taking passengers from Cedartown and Rockmart on daily trips to Atlanta.

In many years past, the Silver Comet traveled north to New York and South to Florida. The access point for the parking area is located on the Atlanta Highway just east of US 278 at Coots Lake just east of Rocktmart.

It is mile marker 33.5 on the Silver Comet Trail. The lot provides paved parking, a port-a-toilet, and there’s even a store close by.

The trail is open dawn to dusk. Once your trek begins, there are benches and picnic tables, but no water or restrooms.

Enjoy your green space and keep it clean!

Want to help Keep Polk Beautiful with their mission of keeping the county as clean for residents and guests alike? Contact cook at and sign up now to volunteer some time in your week and be a green space cleaner.