Asberry Lift Statoin

Work on upgrading the Asberry Lift Station to handle more sewer and storm water will be completed within the next few months, according to Cedartown citiy manager Bill Fann. 

Kevin Myrick

The new sewer line from the new Polk Medical Center on U.S. Highway 278 into the water treatement plant in Cedartown is completed, and a new phase of work on the Asberry Lift Station will be getting underway soon.

According to city manager Bill Fann, crews completed the sewer line work over the past couple of weeks, but still have cosmetic details left in some areas to finish up.

“The 12-inch sewer line installation from the new hospital to the wastewater treatment plant is complete,” he said. “They will have cleanup to do along Girard Avenue, and then they’ll move on to start working on the Asberry Lift Station for the rehabilitation and renovation of that facility.”

Fann said for the time being, the city will be using a concrete trenchcap over where construction crews dug up asphault to install the new sewer line.

The Asberry Lift Station project, which will see the facility rehabilitated to allow it to handle increased flow of water not only from regular sewer usage but rainwater runoff, will take between 60 to 90 days to complete.

Fann said most of the work will go unnoticed by Cedartown residents, with the exception of those who live on Asberry Street itself.

He said once the work is complete, crews will lay new asphault on streets that were cut during the new sewer line installation.

“When that is finished they will mill the concrete trenchcap from Asberry to the treatment plant, and overlay new asphalt in a continuous run,” he said.