Sessuical Jr.'s last performance of 2017

Rockmart students brought Seussical Jr. back to the stage one last time for 2017. (Sean Williams/Standard Journal)

A collection of staff and students from Rockmart High School and Rockmart Middle School and staff from Rockmart Cultural Arts Center gathered at the city’s downtown theatre to put on the final public performance of Seussical Jr. that proved to live up to the summer shows.

After a closing show for Eastside Elementary School, Seussical will be put to rest and the performers and staff will move onto other projects.

Created by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, Seussical Jr. follows several classic Seuss characters as their conflicts intertwine with each other’s.

The story primarily follows Horton (played by Isaac Gober) who discovers a small flower with an even smaller village (the Whos) living on top of it.

No one can hear the Whos except for Horton, and the protective elephant must defend his new friends against the naysayers and dangers of the world. Fortunately, through all of his dangers, Gertrude Mcfuzz (played by Anna Snider) defends Horton and maintains faith in her elephant crush.

The Dec. 19 show featured a much larger cast and ensemble than the group’s earlier performances, and three directors were involved in the show’s production.

Rockmart Cultural Art Center’s Margaret Jacobs, who doubled as the costume director, and Rockmart High School’s Stevi Reeves served as the musical’s directors. Rockmart Middle School’s James Schroeder served as assistant director.

Technical director Rex Garner ensured everything looked and sounded well, and leading woman Alli Streetman designed the show’s choreography.

The actors and actresses that helped the audience think many thinks include:

Alli Streetman- The Cat in The Hat

Isaac Gober- Horton

Anna Snider- Gertrude Mcfuzz

Rob Laltrello- JoJo

Chloe Green- Mayzie La Bird

Hope Garrett- Sour Kangaroo

Branson Lewis- Mr. Mayor

Myra Browning- Mrs. Mayor

The bird girls were played by several performers including:

Becca Sides, Jeanna Supes, Kadi Stonecypher, Daisy Trim, Sydney Streetman, and Hanna Aiken.

The trouble-causing Wickersham Brothers were played by performers including:

Ethan Gober, Andrew Lumpkin, Riley Miller, Daphne Trim, Garrett Shedd, Summer Stayton, and Sierra Post.

The tiny Whos were played by performers such as:

Abby Allred, Lily Anderson, Kylie Thomas, John Mason Taylor, Hailee Brand, Eden Fennell, Makayla Smith, Sadie Jacobs, Logan Miller, Belle Mckinney, Christian Murrieta, Abby Fennell, Sarah Williams, Kayleigh Davis, James Portwood, Cloe Brown, and Elyse Goss.

The Fish and Circus animals were played by performers such as: Ava Wheeler, Gabby Stonecypher, Dakota Rhinehart, Emily Seyler, and Lily Deleon.

Stage Managers Lacey Ethridge and Mattie Taylor kept the show running while Alexis Purvis, Amber Gentry, Katelyn Ingle, Madison Pierce, Shayne Mohon, and Bailee Wade acted as stage crew. Dawson Elrod worked sound; Adrian Locklear worked light. Special thanks are owed to Rockmart Cultural Arts Center and the city of Rockmart for making Seussical possible.